Penguin Locations for World 60 on Runescape from November 9 to November 15
For the invisible (ghost) penguin, please join the "w60pengy" friends chat.

Please check out
1.) Ape Atoll - Barrel (2 point)
Cannot leave the South part of Ape Atoll. Last seen south west hut near fishing spot.
2.) Lletya - Toadstool (2 point)
Cannot leave Lletya.
3.) Miscellania - Bush (2 point)
Last seen within walls of misc castle.
4.) Neitiznot - Bush (2 point)
Cannot leave the small green island North of Neitiznot.
5.) Lighthouse - Rock (1 point)
Cannot leave the long island North of Barbarian Outpost.
6.) Witchaven - Rock (1 point)
Last seen jade vine mansion.
7.) Observatory - Crate (1 point)
Last seen in clocktower, south of zoo. close doors.
8.) White Wolf Mountain - Rock (1 point)
Last seen inside burthorpe castle.
9.) Musa Point - Crate (1 point)
Last seen inside cap'n arnav's house please shut door.
10.) Port Phasmatys - Barrel (2 point)
Cannot leave Port Phasmatys. Last seen in building with stove. please close door.
11.) Varrock - Polar Bear (1 point)
Cannot leave in the well in Southeast Varrock.