Penguin Locations for World 60 on Runescape from October 19 to October 25
For the invisible (ghost) penguin, please join the "w60pengy" friends chat. All penguins are currently disguised as pumpkins.
1.) Lighthouse - Rock (1 point)
Cannot leave the long island Southwest of Rellekka.
2.) Ape Atoll - Barrel (2 point)
Cannot leave the Southern part of Ape Atoll. Last seen roaming outside of ape atoll village/city.
3.) Eagles Peak - Bush (1 point)
Last seen ardougne castle, south wing.
4.) Gnome Stronghold - Bush (1 point)
Cannot leave the Stronghold. Last seen last seen within agility course.
5.) Elf Lands - Rock (2 point)
Cannot leave the area with the mine, Southwest of Prifddinas.
6.) Dorgesh Kaan - Barrel (1 point)
Last seen last seen in the city in the ne corner towards the mine entrance.
7.) Wizards Tower (BO) - Bush (1 point)
Last seen draynor manor northwest room.
8.) Canifis - Bush (2 point)
Last seen slayer tower with banshees.
9.) Mort Myre - Toadstool (2 point)
Last seen barrows area.
10.) Wilderness - Rock (2 point)
Cannot leave the Wilderness (be prepared to die). Last seen lever area.
11.) Rellekka - Polar Bear (1 point)
Cannot leave the well in Rellekka.