Penguin Locations for World 60 on Runescape from September 21 to September 27
For the invisible (ghost) penguin, please join the "w60pengy" friends chat.
1.) Lunar Isle - Rock (2 point)
Last seen by astral altar.
2.) Ape Atoll - Bush (2 point)
Cannot leave the North part of the island. Last seen in hut near the talent scout.
3.) Jatizso - Rock (2 point)
Cannot leave Jatizso and the snow covered islands. Last seen northeast tower jatizso .
4.) Lighthouse - Rock (1 point)
Cannot leave the island Southwest of Rellekka.
5.) Gnome Stronghold - Bush (1 point)
Cannot leave the stronghold. Last seen northeast of tortoise pen.
6.) Barbarian Outpost - Bush (1 point)
Last seen trapped at the river by baxtorin falls house.
7.) Elf Camp - Toadstool (2 point)
Cannot leave the small hunter area across the log south of the Elf Camp.
8.) Observatory - Crate (1 point)
Last seen trapped in ardy castle, south wall.
9.) Dorgesh-Kaan - Barrel (1 point)
Last seen trapped in north-east room (market level).
10.) Desert - Cactus (2 point)
Last seen roaming north part of the swamps east of sophanem.
11.) Rellekka - Polar Bear (1 point)
Cannot leave in the well Northeast of the entrance to Rellekka.